Suicide Bunny is an American company that deals in making e-liquids. It does not compromise on quality. The staff at the company is committed to producing eJuice of the highest standards. Their products are just perfect because of the unique preparation styles. The eJuice goes under intensive quality control scrutiny before it is released into the market.


The eJuices are made from excellent ingredients that make them stand out. The eJuices are rated highly among e-liquids all over the world. The eJuices are very innovative and delicious because of the technical and fantastic flavor combinations from highly qualified experts. The list of eJuices is very limited, and this is what makes them specialize and give a lot of concentration to their products.
Giving them their all, makes the eJuices become of high quality. Giving something maximum attention makes it more interesting and the flavor becomes more concentrated. These is what makes suicide bunny stand out. Try every flavor of Suicide Bunny here.

E-Juices Produced By Suicide Bunny

Some of the eJuices produced by this wonderful company include:

  • DeRailed E-Liquid

Ever tasted a Snickerdoodle Cookie before? If the feedback is no, then this is the perfect way to taste it. It is so sweet you will order a whole truck of the eJuice. These is because of the amazing butter cookie flavor in the drink. The taste will make your taste buds to cuddle.
The epitome of this mouth-watering ejuice is the wonderful cinnamon taste left behind. It also has a banana taste that is usually amazing and will make you feel rejuvenated. This eJuice can be found in 15ml and 30ml bottle sizes and is made in the United States of America.


  • Madrina E-Liquid

Madrina is a Spanish word, and the meaning of the word sums up the qualities of the drink. The first meaning of Madrina is a grandmother and the one that it Suicide Bunny focus is that it means “protectress”. These is the feeling that the drink gives you when you take it.

This e-liquid is very delicious and gives you comfort when you take it. The combinations in making this drink include sweet melon and a light creamy aftertaste. The combinations are balanced in a perfect manner to make a wonderful vape. When taking it, you will have a pleasant feeling. You can order Madrina e-liquid online at get it delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours after placing the order.